Wednesday, May 26, 2010 (Vietas = Places viz. Locations) is an Essential Travel Guide Portal to Latvia

Vietas -- which is a word in Latvian which means "Places viz. Locations" -- is in our opinion one the best travel guide portals to Latvia for its detail of local places. Unfortunately, the English-language registration does not work properly the last time we tried it (today, May 26, 2010) -- which is NOT really essential at all, just annoying. You can without registering still search for locations in Latvia and then switch to an English translation of the page you are looking at.

Vietas is also a bit tricky to use. If you enter just Lejasciems as your search word, for example, you get only 6 objects shown, but if you enter Lejasciema par. (= Parish of Lejasciems) then you get 31 objects, but only if you have the radio button "Objects"selected in the right upper hand corner. No outsider is going to find that second essential link so that must improve its search algorithm so that the simple entry of Lejasciems also gives not only the town but the surrounding parish objects. Otherwise, visitors will not find some of the most interesting objects in any area.

See - Travel Guide of Latvia, Map of Latvia, - towns, districts, travel places, destinations, events, vacation, descriptions, pictures, discussions, articles, commercials and more ( - Latvijas ceļvedis, Latvijas karte, pilsētas, rajoni, tūrisma un citi interesanti objekti, pasākumi)

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